Proudly Serving Our Community Since 1979

Who is West I-10 Fire Department…


  • We have proudly served our community for the past 39 years.
  • We work with the community through public relations events and safety presentations.
  • Our department is made up of over 50 volunteers & funded by your generosity.
  • We not only proudly serve the Katy community, but will server anywhere needed when called upon.

Our Emergency Response Efforts…

West I-10 Fire believes in community helping community. With this in mind, West I-10 Fire Department has aided in the hurricane relief efforts to help communities locally as well as nationally.


  • Hurricane Harvey Relief – received and distributed $2.5 million in donations throughout Southeast Texas to help the community after Harvey made landfall. West I-10 also helped in the evacuation of 2,000 citizens, assisted local fire departments, local law enforcement, and the National Guard, among other tasks to assist the community
  • Hurricane Florence Relief – received and shipped nearly $75k in donations to North Carolina and South Carolina to assist their community in the wake of Florence making landfall
  • Hurricane Michael Relief – received and shipped nearly $75k in donations to Mexico Beach, Florida to aid their community in the wake of Michael making landfall

We are here to serve our community…

  • Do you have a safety concern we can help with?
  • Are you interested in a safety presentation?
  • Is your community hosting an event you would like us to attend?
  • Recently, we have helped in the efforts of Hurricanes Harvey, Florence (NC & SC), and Michael (FL).



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